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Nieuw adres: Clemmenstraat 2 unit 10, 9790 WORTEGEM-PETEGEM

Nieuw telefoonnummer: +32 (0) 55/30 03 66

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Our mission is to help other companies make or sell their products involving electronics, by offering all services around those electronics: design of the electronic circuits, drawing of the schematic diagrams, designing the printed circuit board, prototyping, preparing production trajectory, sourcing components, designing test appliances,... in short: all that is involved in production of electronics, from the beginning to the delivery of the electronic circuit boards.

Extra's: repairs, study etc...

Of course, specialized in electronics, we can repair your products, we can assist in supplying components, we can help  making measurements, making a study on an certain object, etc...

Fenix Flashlights

P.V.S. is official distributor of the FENIX brand of flashlights

Nature Exploration

We help our fellow nature explorers to obtain some of their necessary equipment